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  • Needs based AI (ala Sims, RimWorld)
  • Sandbox environment with procedurally generated space ships, where everything is destroyable / buildable
  • Advanced oxygen and temperature exchange simulation (oxygen and heat leaks through damaged walls, holes) Electricity grid simulation
  • Unique research tree with technologies that require time, energy, CPU memory and storage to research
  • Pause the game any time, control time speed
  • Extremely moddable from day one - change any graphics, create your own items by mix-and-matching various components, override anything, extend the game through C# code. Core game is being built as a mod.
  • Game is being developed with controller support in mind. Base building games deserve to be on consoles and playable via Steam Link in a living room!
  • Very low system requirements - game is built with consoles and performance in mind
  • Built-in Twitch "play with viewers" mode
  • Game is being actively developed live on Twitch
  • Customization for humans, robots and drones [PARTIALLY DONE]
  • AI Storyteller / Story Generator
  • Different scenarios to play through
  • Sandbox / creative mode
  • Survival mode
  • Backstory generation for humans
  • Advanced space travel
  • Asteroid mining
  • Landing on planets
  • Possibility to setup a base on a planet
  • Multiple play scenarios (restore a wrecked ship, build a space base from scratch, take over an existing ship and maintain it, etc)
  • Different AI storyteller implementations


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About Kodo Linija

Kodo Linija is a small hobbyist indie game development studio

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